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At 4318 Cars we offer you a wide variety of model cars of different models.
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Why rely on 4318cars?

4318Cars isn’t a mere scale models shop. There are many of them. Above all, we are petrolheads and that is the reason 4318Cars exits: to provide other petrolheads with iconic models racings cars, which we also love!

Throughout our professional career we have always been linked to motorsports with a long list of championships, teams and drivers for almost two decades. Our founder, Christian Traginer, has extensively worked as Press Officer, TV and radio commentator, Editor in printed press and websites, etc. In the end, a passion for motorsport and its iconic cars past and present. That passion led to a long professional career. It also brought a huge model car collection in different scales of many of those cars making history all around the world.

The right moment to get other fans, other friends, involved has finally come. Of course, it is also a “scale passion”, but those miniature model cars are a real source of wonder and inspiration. They are car replicas of those vehicles that have been writing racing history for over 100 years. It would be difficult to envision life without this kind of small enjoyments of existence.

Many people will never understand what we feel when we closely examine our scale models. So what? They will never realize what this passion is. They miss it.

A selection of amazing racing cars is just a click away as we always work with top-tier brands. Besides, we also remind you our “shazam-car” service. How does it work? That car of your favorite driver or entered in a specific race or championship. Well, we will get it for you.

Our goal is simple: Secure shopping. Whenever you have a problem, just contact our Customer Service and they will help you. We place at your disposal a safe and rapid payment processing. As soon as you have chosen your scale models, the whole process is extremely quick.

Besides, we work with renowned DHL, so it is guaranteed that the order will reach its destination in perfect condition.